Behind The Smiles, Analysts Say President Trump And Melania Are Very Angry People

Date March 23, 2018

It is not a particularly good time for the Trumps, especially President Trump and Melania. Allegations of an affair by adult entertainer, Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, resurfaced and caused a major stir.


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In addition, former Playboy ‘Playmate of the Year’, Karen McDougal, also claims she had an affair with President Trump, just after the affair with Stormy Daniels ended.


According to the model, President Trump offered to pay her money after they had sex. McDougal said she was stunned, as she never presented herself as keen on trading sex for money. In his defense, President Trump still claims to be innocent of all allegations.

Body language says a whole lot more

There has been a shortage of pictures showing the First Couple in the media for months now. it is believed that the recent allegations against President Trump caused bad blood between him and Melania.

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Melania shared a new photo with President Trump this week. The couple was on a balcony of the White House. Both had pretty wide smiles on their faces despite the chilling snow.

But body language expert and author Patti Wood says the couple’s body language is saying something else.

Look how similar that look in the eyes are. That's hidden anger, and their eyes are both showing hidden anger — they're matching and mirroring hidden anger.

Some love still remains

A few days ago, President Trump saved Melania from a spill on the White House lawn moments before they boarded Marine One.


The couple seemed particularly affectionate, all things considered. Their behavior does contrast with thoughts shared by Wood.


Whatever the case, it was a tender moment in spite of the storm that was worth taking note of.

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