Bill Gates Plays A Guessing Game About Groceries With Ellen DeGeneres

Date February 23, 2018

While speaking on CNN last Sunday, billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates said rich people need to pay higher taxes.

I've paid more taxes, over $10bn, than anyone else, but the government should require the people in my position to pay significantly higher taxes.

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His comments were with regard to the $1.5 trillion tax reform bill signed into law by President Trump. According to Gates, the wealthy bracket in America was set to benefit immensely from the new bill. This will further weaken the safety net of lower income earners.

He doesn't know a lot about groceries

Bill Gates paid his first visit to Ellen's show this month. He spoke about growing up and his hobbies. Gates had always been interested in computers and technology. However, the path to becoming a billionaire was not an easy one.

In the beginning, Gates was concerned about paying staff. But after going public, the company started making enough to employ more people.

Ellen shared a short clip on the show showing Gates dancing during his rehearsals before the show. But it was really an actor with a pasted-on face.

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Before the end of the show, Ellen played a little game with Gates. She asked him to guess the prices of some everyday things from a grocery store.

With a little help from the audience, Gates won a special prize for the audience. They all got an invitation to Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.

He is making a cameo on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Bill Gates will be making a special appearance on the popular comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. And like the other celebrities who have made cameos on the show, he will be appearing as himself.

No information has been shared about the particular episode, but fans are eagerly anticipating Bill Gate’s acting debut.

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