Breaking News! NYC Firefighter Dies On Bruce Willis Film Set

Date March 26, 2018

Bruce Willis was on set in Brooklyn Heights, filming scenes from his upcoming film starting February 2018. “Motherless Brooklyn” is an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel.

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Joining the Moonlighting actor on set was fellow actor, Willem Defoe, and director, Edward Norton, who was also playing Lionel Essrog, a P.I. with Tourette’s syndrome.

Tragic accident

A blaze on set this Thursday has claimed the life of a NYC firefighter. Michael Davidson, 37, was responding to a fire that broke out in an apartment on the Manhattan set of “Motherless Brooklyn”. The fire started at about 11pm inside the basement of a building being used by the film crew.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro reported that Davidson lost contact with his unit. This happened as they made to evacuate the scene as they were unable to contain the fire.

When Davidson was eventually found, he was unconscious. Later on, he was pronounced dead.

In the meantime, about 40 FDNY vehicles and even more firefighters were on the scene of the incident, which was finally contained after 2am.

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Consequently, producers of the film expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased firefighter. They also commended the brave men and women of the FDNY saying,

The FDNY are real life super-heroes and have our boundless admiration and gratitude.

Tribute to a true hero

Davidson started work as a firefighter in May of 2003. In addition, his father was also a firefighter, and they served together with Engine Company 69 in Harlem. The FDNY has Tweeted their commendation of the brave firefighter.

Michael Davidson left a wife and four daughters, and he will always be remembered for his service.

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