Jared Kushner, President Trump's Son-In-Law, Is Banned From Highly Classified Information


March 1, 2018 10:57 By Fabiosa

Before becoming a senior adviser in the Trump administration, Jared Kushner was a member of the Trump transition team. He is said to have wielded uncommon influence within the Trump circle. During his time on the transition team, he is reported to have gotten aggressive in his dealings with several individuals.


However, the months following the inauguration of President Trump has seen Kushner’s influence drop steadily. He has been married to Ivanka Trump since 2009, and they have two kids together.

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Security clearance downgraded

Following months of delay in completing security background checks, Jared Kushner has been stripped of his top-secret clearance privileges.


In addition, his level of engagement in the daily running of the Trump administration is expected to diminish.

Before now, much concern was raised about the involvement of Kushner and Ivanka in state affairs. The duo enjoyed the dual role of family and advisers to the president.

Critics felt that having family close to the government was a bad idea, especially seeing as the Trumps have major business interests within and outside America.

Kushner has made several trips in the past on behalf of President Trump. He has attended official meetings in China, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Europe. These trips are expected to wind down.

Kushner is still the subject of questioning due to his dealings with foreign parties and financial connections.

Trading blame

According to members of the Trump family, White House chief of staff, John Kelly, is the reason for additional scrutiny Kushner is facing. And it seems Donald Trump Jr. is leading the charge. A source revealed that Kushner and Ivanka may be on a warpath.


The reduction of Kushner’s security clearance came after Kelly sent out a memo saying the White House was revising its policy on interim security clearances. It is likely Kushner will remain in his current position for a while.

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