Jimmy Kimmel's Wife Says His Pancake Art Skills Are A Nightmare


March 8, 2018 12:23 By Fabiosa

With TV shows changing hands very often, many hosts are on the lookout for the next best gig. But it seems like funnyman Jimmy Kimmel does not have a lot to worry about if he gets the ax. He has a pretty decent skill on his resume. He makes pancakes.

Happy Oscar Sunday! #pancakes

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The father of two proudly shows off his work on Instagram on a regular basis. And his 3-year-old daughter Jane enjoys this food. Last year, she got a celebratory pancake from Kimmel after she got to meet Ellen.

And for Valentine’s Day last month, Kimmel whipped up a Cupid surprise with red and purple hearts. The pancake even came with a cute little bow.

Happy #ValentinesDay! ❤️ #cupid #pancakes

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The delightful creations are more often than not so cute; it’s hard to imagine anyone eating them. However, we doubt munching on colored pancakes is a problem for little Jane.

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Thomas pancakes are even better than their English muffins

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The wife says he is making her life hell

He makes pancakes. And not your average pancakes. He makes art. With pancake batter. Like a lumberjack psychopath.

Molly McNearney says that Kimmel’s pancake hobby is making her life hell. Once, she was content giving Jane cereal, but since Kimmel picked up pancakes, he has made her mostly inadequate.

Molly may be a bit jealous of her husband’s skills, but in the end, she is happy that he is finding ways to engage with the children.

One happy family

Kimmel got married to Molly in 2013. She had been a writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! since 2008 and is responsible for a lot of jokes. She was even the co-head writer at the Oscars.


Together, they have two children, 3-year-old Jane and 10-month-old Billy.

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