Kylie Jenner Talks On Pregnancy Cravings And How Family Supported Her

Date March 13, 2018

It has been a month already since model and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner, gave birth to her baby girl. Her pregnancy was under wraps for a long time, but it did nothing to dull the anticipation.

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Fans of the 20-year-old were also in a frenzy about baby names, and it seems Kylie egged them on with subtle hints, even up until her delivery day.

Kylie answers questions about her pregnancy

The cloak and dagger games are over, and everyone knows that Kylie’s baby is called Stormi.

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But fans still have loads of questions for the new mom.

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For one, Kylie had her own fair share of cravings. She had a thing for Eggos during her pregnancy. The weird thing is, she never had Eggos before. And after Stormi was born, the cravings vanished.

Young mom is doing just fine

Sources familiar with the Kardashians revealed early this year that her family was worried about her being too young to be a mother. None of the other Kardashians were pregnant at 20.

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Despite these concerns, the family has been very supportive. And even after Stormi was born, they continue to lend a hand to Kylie as she begins her journey of motherhood.

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