Melania Trump's Conversation With Vladimir Putin At The G20 Summit

Date March 14, 2018

At the G20 Summit diner in 2017, world leaders and their spouses sat beside other people. American First Lady Melania Trump was seated next to Russian president Vladimir Putin. On his other side was Emanuela Mauro, wife of Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

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President Trump was seated beside Julia Awada, a wife of Argentina’s president. The dinner was a pretty pleasant affair. Attendees shared small talk, away from the politics and tough talk that usually marks formal meetings.

Putin shares some insight on his conversation with Melania

The US media was rife with speculation after pictures of a smiling Melania with President Putin surfaced. Observers wondered why the American First Lady seemed at ease with a foreign president.


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President Putin, however, says nothing out of the ordinary was discussed. According to him, both first ladies were really interested in hearing about maternity benefits in Russia.


In addition, President Putin talked about fishing, fauna, and Russian wildlife. No conspiracies here or espionage.

He also had a long chat with President Trump

Both the American and Russian presidents spent around two hours in a discussion at the G20 summit. Syria, cybersecurity, Ukraine, and the fight against terrorism were some of the issues addressed.


It is suspected that Russian meddling in the US election may have been one of the subjects the presidents discussed.

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