Metropolitan Police Say Package Sent To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Was A 'Racist Hate Crime'

Date February 23, 2018

On February 12, a suspicious package was delivered to St. James’ Palace. Although the package was not addressed to anyone in particular, it is believed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were the recipients. Thankfully, it was intercepted by a member of staff.


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After examining the package, the Metropolitan Police discovered it contained a white powdery substance. It turns out the substance was non-toxic.

Racist hate crime

Investigators handling the case classified the recent incident as a "racist hate crime". There are grave concerns that Meghan Markle may be the reason behind the attack.


Some news outlets report that a racist letter was also in the package. Security has been beefed up around the royal couple. And more precautions are being undertaken to ensure a hitch-free wedding in May.

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St. James’s Palace is the official London home of several members of the British royal family. This includes Prince Charles and his sister Princess Anne.


There seems to be a growing number of suspicious packages in the world. Vanessa Trump received a similar package with a non-toxic substance last week, much like the royals. Also, Amber Rudd, British Home Secretary, received a package of her own on February 13.


Meghan Markle has been the subject of racial abuse in the past. Despite the security scare, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to fulfill their duties.

They are scheduled to participate in the annual Royal Foundation Forum on February 28th.

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