'Republic' Has Petitioned The UK Parliament Against Royal Wedding Budget

Date March 15, 2018

With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being around the corner, eyes are fixed on the wedding budget. No figure has been released, but with all the buzz, it seems like the event is going to be pretty pricey.


Eyebrows are already raised as the couple is reported to have spent $550,000 on Meghan’s wedding dress. And Meghan is said to have spent over $100,000 on her honeymoon. It may seem a lot, but then again, they are royals.

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Still, it is a bit worrisome as some funds to be expended on the royal wedding are coming from taxpayers’ money. This includes funds for road closures and policing. How much exactly is still shrouded in secrecy?

Petitions against the wedding have surfaced

A group simply called 'Republic' has sent a petition to the UK Parliament. Their grouse is that taxpayer’s funds will be used to part-finance the royal wedding. The petition has already garnered over 14,000 signatures online.


A recent poll by YouGov showed that 52% respondents were “indifferent” about the royal engagement. Following that line, it may be safe to assume that people only care so much for the wedding.

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The petition calls for transparency in the funding of the royal wedding. In addition, it demands the government to make the budget public.

Royal wedding day

2,640 people are expected to attend the royal wedding on May 19. Of this number, 1,200 will be members of the public “from every corner of the UK”.

The event will take place in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry was christened.

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