Scott Eastwood Has His Own Path To Success

Date March 15, 2018

It is never easy to be a child of a celebrity. Growing up under the shadow of a big star presents its challenges. But some celebrity parents help make the experience less of a pain that it could be.


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For Scott Eastwood, being the son of a legendary actor-director Clint Eastwood is not a walk in the park. He never got any handouts from his father. In addition, many people in Hollywood did not take him seriously. All they ever saw was the son of a star trying to be like his dad.


And it paid off. Scott has had his fair share of big screen success. His latest work includes roles in Unforgiven and Fate of the Furious.


Living life his own way

Scott finished college in 2008 but did not jump right into acting. He started out working as a valet and bartending at a cocktail lounge in Pacific Beach. Later on, he began attending auditions in L.A.


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He has taken on several action roles in movies, like his father, but Scott is willing to try other types of roles.

I’m always trying to change it up. I never want to be pigeonholed as one thing. I’ve done a few action movies now, but I’d like to change it up and do some character-driven stuff. Dramas, maybe a comedy.

Scott turns 32 this March and is living life on his own terms. Unlike his peers, he prefers the ease of San Diego and only stays in L.A. when work calls.

Eyes on Wolverine

Scott has his eyes set on playing Wolverine whenever the iconic character is reintroduced into the X-Men film universe. Hugh Jackman left some pretty big shoes empty after Logan.


A few other actors have been mentioned as possible replacements. Perhaps, Scott’s role in Suicide Squad might get him in the list as well.

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