Sweet Little Boy Wrote A Touching Letter To His Teacher Whose Dog Died


Mrs. Dunne, a teacher in Glasgow, Scotland, was finding it hard coping with the loss of her dear dog, Charlie. The Golden Retriever was adopted and had been living with the teacher for 18 months.

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Lucie Dunne, a daughter to the teacher, told PEOPLE that her mother really loved the dog. She would talk about Charlie a lot and show pictures of him to other staff and students in her class.

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Charlie was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor very close to his heart. This was the cause of his death.

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A worried student wrote her a sweet letter

The hardest part of losing Charlie for Mrs. Dunne was having to tell her students that the dog was gone. However, she summoned the courage and shared the news. All children were as sad as Mrs. Dunne, but they tried their best to cheer her up.

By the end of the day, one student did the sweetest thing. Little Callum gave a note to his teacher. In it, he wrote a special poem celebrating the late Charlie. Callum even used the name ‘Charlie’ in the poem.

Mrs. Dunne said she was very surprised at getting the thoughtful poem. She later showed it to her family and then took a picture that she shared on Twitter. The picture went live on Feb 19, and it has already gotten more than 24 thousand retweets.

Lots of love for Callum

Many people on Twitter are still sharing their comments on the cute poem from Callum.

It is heartwarming to know that children can show such emotion for their teachers even at such a tender age. Charlie may no longer be around, but we are sure he has a woof and smile for Callum and Mrs. Dunne.

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