65-Year-Old Isabella Rossellini On Anti-Aging Methods: 'It’s Against Nature!'

Date April 18, 2018 10:37

Isabella Rossellini knows the value of beauty. Being an actress in Hollywood, she has spent her entire life observing the unrealistic expectations for women.

The 65-year-old actress keeps away from the posh Hollywood lifestyle and only accepts roles, which her friends offer to her. She says the film industry is very difficult for young girls and women, and she's relieved that she doesn't have to follow the rules anymore.

'Anti-age' is a bad word

In the recent interview, Isabella shared her outlook on aging and what it means to be beautiful. She was asked to become an official face of Lancôme once again, after being let go 20 years ago. More specifically, Rossellini represents the Rénergie line of creams, which were first attempted to be marketed as 'anti-age'.

Isabella was very outspoken about rejecting the idea of something being 'anti-age', "It’s against nature!", she said. Now, they changed the product's presentation, and Rossellini is much more comfortable with new versions.


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Lancôme has many famous actresses as its spokespeople, including Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet. Isabella Rossellini is happy to be one of them, as "these women incredibly beautiful, but they certainly speak up."

Age is just a number

She's also not afraid of aging. At 65, she's still looking as beautiful as ever and has no plans to do any plastic surgeries.

I could do plastic surgery in an attempt to look younger, but I’ve never seen a 65-year-old with plastic surgery looking like she’s 20. You know what I mean?

A portrait with the newest member of our family, my grandson Ronin, shot by @brigittelacombe

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Isabella is also teaching her daughter, Elettra, the same beliefs. Rossellini's daughter is a model and can be easily influenced by the industry's pressure. But with the mother like Isabella, she has nothing to fear.

We can certainly learn a lot from Isabella's confidence and outlook on beauty.