Dolly Parton's Program Is Fighting Illiteracy By Donating 300,000 Books To Local Kids

Date April 9, 2018 11:00

Dolly Parton, a country music legend, has been involved in a philanthropic activity for over 20 years now. Not too many people know that in 1996, Parton established an Imagination Library, a non-profit organization focused on battling illiteracy.

Earlier this year, the Imagination Library donated its 100 millionth book to the Library of Congress. The work done by Parton's organization is absolutely astounding. They donate over a million books every year. In addition, it's possible to sign up for the program to receive books at home. This option works the best for the parents, who can't afford education for their children.

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What's notable, Dolly Parton's organization created numerous affiliate programs throughout the US, which are more localized. For example, the United Way of Elgin in Illinois, is one of the more active Imagination Library affiliates. Located in a small area, they send out over 35,000 books every year.

Did you know my @imaginationlibrary mailed nearly 75,000,000 free books to kids?!!

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Book is the greatest gift

Just recently, the United Way of Elgin, which has been working since 2009, reached its milestone, and sent out its 300,000th book. The program's director, Elissa Kojzarek, commented that it doesn't cost anything to the families, who decided to sign up, but it does a lot for the kids. "Some have told me about how their child runs to the mailbox every month, excited to see when a book arrives," Kojzarek noted.

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Dolly Parton revealed that the inspiration for the Imagination Library was her father, who, despite being a smart man, was illiterate. "My daddy couldn't read and write, but daddy was so smart, he could just do numbers in his head," famous singer said. She added that many people she knew as a little girl couldn't afford to educate themselves because they had to work.

It's a shame to think how many people can't get proper education due to their social status. Thankfully, there are organizations like Imagination Library that care and can help.

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