Famous Feminist Says: "Meghan Markle Should Be Head Of The Commonwealth”

Date April 23, 2018

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a renowned Nigerian writer and social activist. She's gained acclaim and worldwide respect from her peers and political figures for her feminist work.

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The famous writer even won a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for her novel Purple Hibiscus. As a female and a race activist, she shares big support for Meghan Markle and her future role in the royal family.

In one of the recent interviews, Chimamanda expressed her desire to see Prince Harry's future wife as the Head of Commonwealth.

Adichie noted that she's not surprised about Harry and Meghan's union. She pointed that "black people are gorgeous", so a member of the royal family marrying a person of mixed race was just a matter of time.

There's something very modern and forward-looking about their love, and there's something about it that I just find really interesting and just that it has that progressive element to it I find heartening.


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It might take a while, however, until Harry or Meghan will obtain the highest royal title. The Queen recently debunked all rumors about not wanting to see her son, Prince Charles, as her successor.


During the opening speech at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Queen Elizabeth II said it was her "sincere wish" is to see Charles as the Head of the Commonwealth "one day".


Either way, we're excited to see what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can do for the public, regardless of their official titles.

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