What's Really Going On With Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew's 'Strange Relationship'?

Date April 5, 2018 09:24

It looks like the Duchess of York still has warm feelings towards her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The couple separated in 1992 and finalized their divorce in 1996, but they've been keeping in touch due to family obligations. Or maybe, there's something more to their relationship?


Ferguson doesn't fail to address Prince Andrew on her Instagram from time to time. In late March, she took to her social media account to congratulate the Duke of York on receiving the Colonel of the Grenadier Guards title.

So proud of the new Colonel of The Grenadier Guards @hrhthedukeofyork

Публикация от Sarah Ferguson (@sarahferguson15)

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Earlier this year, Sarah shared a birthday message to her ex-husband via Instagram and even called him 'the best looking'.

"Strange" relationship between the duke and the duchess

Although divorced, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew reportedly still live together. The duchess moved in to the Royal Lodge in Windsor, after Queen Mother's passing.

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The source refers to the relationship between the ex-spouses as "strange", and no one really knows what's going on between them. They are friendly with each other, but it's unknown how close they are.

However, many believe that the two still have feelings for each other. Just recently, a body language expert noted that Sarah displays regret when talking about splitting with Prince Andrew.

Whether they live together due to pure loneliness or simple logistics, we can't help but believe that love is still strong between the Duke and the Duchess of York.

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