Comedy Veteran Marty Allen Dies In Las Vegas At 95

Allen performed well in his 90s

Allen was known and loved for his hair and baby face. Before his death, he had a long-running performing career with his singer-songwriter wife, Karon Kate Blackwell.


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They toured internationally and did their comedy/music shows on cruise ships. They still performed in Las Vegas well in his 90s. Karon was with him when he died.


“Hello dere”

Allen joked once that he had considered becoming a newspaper reporter in his youth because a trench coat looked good on him.

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By the 1950s, the much-loved comedian who became known for the catch phrase “Hello dere” was a regular at night clubs and TV shows. His partnership with Steve Rossi brought him fame and landed him regular gigs at "The Ed Sullivan Show." He appeared on the same episode as the Beatles.

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After the breakup of Allen and Rossi, the former continued to appear on daytime TV and featured in a number of made-for-TV movies as well as theatrical films like "The Great Waltz" and "A Whale of a Tale".

He was called “The Darling of Daytime TV.”

Tributes By Fans

Fans of the legendary comedian have shown their love and respect for him.

In addition to his comedy and work on films, he will be remembered for being a World War II hero. His biography, “Hello Dere!: An Illustrated Biography, details his career spanning more than half a decade.

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