Awful Tragedy: Clogged Toilet At A Clinic Led To The Body Of A 2-Day-Old Baby Girl In Kerala


The tragedy of maternal filicide, or child murder by mothers, has been happing throughout the history and the world.


There are a lot of reasons for it to occur:

  • in some developing countries, the preference for male children may lead to sex-selective killings;
  • population studies show that poor, unmarried, and socially-isolated mothers with relationship problems can commit such crime;
  • there is approximately 4% maternal filicide rate of the women, who develop the postpartum psychosis.


India has one of the highest maternal filicide incidents in the world and cases like that keep happening even nowadays.

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The tragedy in Kerala

On Friday morning, Dr. Abdul Rehman, who runs a clinic in Kerala, South India, noticed obstruction in the toilet bowl and he decided to call the plumber to fix the problem.

According to the police, when the plumbers were trying to unblock the toilet, they discovered something that had a ball-like shape. When they tried to pull it out, they were shocked to see the head of an infant popping out.

The body of the newborn girl was stuck in the duct with the placenta still attached to it. The police suspect that the parents of the girl, who was just 2 days old, came to the clinic to pretend that they needed a consultation and flushed the infant down the toilet.

However, the attached placenta can suggest that the mother could have delivered the baby inside the washroom. According to the police, the parents have not yet been found.

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Suggestions on maternal filicide prevention

It is suggested that physiatrists should look at filicide risk just as they look at suicide. They should play a vital role in preventing potential filicides the cause of which could be a maternal mental illness. Psychotic, depressed, manic, or delirious mother with any mental illnesses should receive a professional help.


A mother's motive for filicide may be psychotic or due to an unwanted child or spouse revenge. Even though the prevention is difficult because of the many risk factors, there should be created a clear picture of where interventions would gain t the greatest benefit for a mother and her child.

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