Glen Campbell's Widow Is Forced Into $50 Million Estate Battle With Husband's Kids Who "Hadn't Visited Dad In 20 Years”

Date April 18, 2018 13:34

After Glen Campbell, an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and TV persona, opened up about his devastating diagnose - Alzheimer's in 2011, a rift that split his family apart also became public.


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The singer had four marriages under his belt, from which he had 8 children. Three of them have been "specifically excluded" from Campbell’s will.


Campbell's daughter Kelli, and sons William Travis and Wesley Kane – children from his second marriage with Billie Jean Nunley - are excluded from any benefit that can come from the estate.


The will, which consists of 13 pages, is dated September 1st, 2006 and names his fourth wife Kim Campbell as executor. Now, the battle between Kim and three Campbell’s children over his $50 million estate is raging on.


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Kim Campbell claims that the reason why the children were excluded from his will in 2002 was that the eldest son Travis "hadn't visited his dad in 20 years" and when Glen was fighting with Alzheimer's, they "never called to ask how he was or if they could help."



Glen’s youngest daughter, Ashley Campbell, from his marriage with Kim, and some of his other children were often with him, especially when the disease was winning, but Kelli, Travis, and Kane were allegedly never there for him.


A couple of months before his death, Ashley opened up about her father’s condition saying that he doesn’t recognize her as his daughter anymore, but he still feels she’s familiar.


The country icon surrendered to the disease at 81 years old in 2017.

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