Hoda Kotb Shows Off Her Backing Skills While Celebrating Her 'Handsome' Boyfriend’s 60th Birthday

Date March 26, 2018

What Hoda Kotb can’t do? She’s an amazing TV-host, great interviewer, and awesome mom. But it turns out that she’s been hiding another secret talent.

53-year old TODAY show’s co-host might be fighting for the crown of the queen of baking. She seems to enjoy treating her loved ones with yummy-looking cakes. And this time, she decided to mark a special occasion with a sweet message and a sweet treat.

Hoda’s long-time boyfriend Joel Schiffman turned 60 on Wednesday, and she took to Instagram to honor this day with a cute post.

Kotb captured the photo with a message:

Happy birthday handsome!

Last June, the couple celebrated their four-year anniversary. They met at a Wall Street event and started dating in secret. Kotb and Schiffman officially confirmed their relationship in 2015. After moving in together in 2016, they adopted a daughter Haley Joy in February next year, who is now 1-year-old.

During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hoda talked about the possibility of getting married for the second time.

Maybe, we might. I feel like everything’s great. He’s Haley’s dad. I’m Haley’s mom. We’re together. I feel like there’s not a rush other than we’re old, and we probably, if we’re going to do it, we might as well do it. But I think it’s fun like this. I don’t mind it. … We’re enjoying our lives. Yeah, I think we’re good this way.

Kotb showed her appreciation for her boyfriend with a homemade goodness when the couple along with their daughter celebrated Schiffman’s birthday.

This is not the first time Hoda surprises with her baking skills. She marked her daughter’s birthday in February with tasty-looking cake, too.

The same color scheme, same piping skills – we love your signature style, Hoda!