Is Sexism A Real Reason Why Hillary Clinton Isn't Madam President?

Date March 29, 2018

Thinking about how much effort it took for women to destabilize male privilege, it was a little surprising that at the last presidential election, the first female candidate in American history was put against a man determined to strengthen the remnants of patriarchy.

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The more cocky Trump’s speech was, the more testosterone-driven his actions were, the more followers he gained.


It makes us question, does sexism have anything to do with the Hillary Clinton’s loss in the elections?

Her former communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, thinks so. In her new book, which she titled “Dear Madam President”, she suggests that sexism of American voters is the key reason responsible for Clinton’s loss.


Palmieri thinks that Hillary wasn’t able to get out of the email “box” scandal because American voters couldn’t get past the feeling of “uneasiness” about a woman seeking power.


She suggests that the issue was quite trivial and irrelevant. Palmieri writes:

One thing our campaign was never able to move beyond was the vexing issue of Hillary’s emails … I think it was the unease people felt about Hillary’s motivation as a woman seeking power that made it impossible for us to very fully put this matter to bed. I have weathered a lot of political crises, but never encountered one quite like this. It was a box we could never get out of.

Palmieri thinks that sexism is the reason why it made impossible for Hillary to find a way out of the email scandal.


Was it the actual reason that contributed to the result of elections or maybe Americans just lost their trust in Clinton, repeatedly catching her on lies?

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