"It's Such A Big, Gray World": Country Singer Toby Keith Unleashes His True Political Views In New Interview

Date April 9, 2018 13:11

Country music lovers have long considered Toby Keith as a political influencer. In 2002, he had a sparring match with the Dixie Chicks after Natalie Maines spoke out publicly against the lyrical content of Toby’s super hit “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”

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Most people would assume Toby was a true Republican. But he has never been one. But, he isn’t a Democrat either, although he previously supported the Democratic Party.

And even though not many country artists speak out about their political views for fear of losing fans or being accused of using the stage as a platform to sway voters, Keith isn’t afraid to voice his true opinion.

Toby Keith is not only a successful country singer, he is also a songwriter, actor, and record producer. His breakthrough hit "How Do You Like Me Now?!" was released in 1998 after he was sighed to DreamWorks Records Nashville.


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In his most recent interview with ‘Chicago Tribune’, Keith has openly talked about politics. He said:

I was a Democrat my whole life. They kind of disowned me when I started supporting the troops, then I went and registered Independent. I’ve never been a registered Republican. It just keeps people off balance. They don’t know what to think.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t support Democrats anymore, Toby played the Republican National Convention. The county star explains:

 It was just a paid party for the sponsors, just a private party for 1,200 people.

He also admits he was paid a lot of money to play the event. You can’t blame a singer for making some extra money.

But what does it make Keith? If he is not Republican and not Democratic, and his party doesn’t have a candidate in the race, for whom does he vote?

Toby has an answer ready for that question:

This election, I don’t think it makes a difference. I can’t believe there’s 300-million Americans in this country and we’ve got these two as our final two.

This answer has definitely echoed in many Americans.

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