People Got Angry With Paul Burrell Claiming Princess Diana ‘Would Have Chosen Meghan Markle For Prince Harry’

Date March 12, 2018

Good Morning Britain viewers were angry with the former royal butler Paul Burrell, who claimed Princess Diana "would have chosen Meghan" for her son Prince Harry during his appearance on the show.


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The presenters were asking Burrell, who was close to the late princess, about what would she think of her youngest son's fiancée:

What a force for good she is. Mixed race, a divorcee,'s fantastic. She'd have picked her because that is the way forward. Watch young team Windsor. It's not about the old guard any more, it's about the young team Windsor who live at Kensington Palace. They are the future of our Monarchy. They will shape it, they will bring it forward to the people, they will reach out onto the streets and embrace people.


However, people who were watching the show were not pleased with him and took to Twitter to blast Paul. The viewers were outraged to see him talk about Diana again. Many accused the former royal butler of using the princess' memory for his own gain and "milking" the situation.


Erin Specht, who used to be Meghan half-brother Tom’s fiancée, thinks Meghan can become more popular than Princess Diana, who had a nickname the “People’s Princess” and had a lot of fans.


Specht reckons that the Suits star will soon inherit this title. She said:

The royal family is lucky to have her.  She absolutely could be more popular than Diana. Meghan is just a normal, everyday person who’s gotten to live a fairytale – not because she chased that or made it, it just came true for her.  It couldn’t have happened to a better person.


Erin voiced her opinion two months before the royal couple is due to walk down the aisle at Windsor Castle on May 19.

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