'They Told Me My Career Was Over By 40': Susan Sarandon, 71, Discusses What She Had To Face In Hollywood

Date March 6, 2018 13:52

Susan Sarandon is a legendary Hollywood actress who has been gracing the screen with her talented performances since 1970.


The 71-year-old star revealed in her interview about the ageism and sexism she faced in Hollywood, saying that she was told her career will be over by 40 and that she shouldn’t have kids because they will make her ‘less sexy’.

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The Oscar-winning star also discussed her support for Time’s Up movement, which was founded on January 1, 2018. The movement is against sexual harassment, and it was created by Hollywood celebrities in response to numerous sexual abuse allegations made against film producer Harvey Weinstein.


Sarandon said:

I was told you were done by the time you’re forty and you definitely shouldn’t talk about having children ‘cause that made you less sexy.' I’m still working and there are tons of other women working around my age and the main reason for that is female producers and female writers and directors and people who are willing to try and get money for a female driven story where all the characters are not twenty-two.


She continued:

Otherwise, there just aren’t that many stories of older men and women. I mean there are stories of older men but they always have thirty-year old girlfriends.

The star also talked about her views on the Time's Up movement, commenting:

Time’s Up is not only about violence against women. It’s also about being seen and listening to all women in all kinds of jobs: our sisters that are waitresses and cleaning apartments and taking care of our children and all of these areas where the imbalance of power has led to vulnerability, where women are physically threatened. And in listening to everyone, the world will be a healthier place.


Australian actress Nicole Kidman received a standing ovation at the Screen Actors Guild Awards as she called out the same problem of ageism and sexism in Hollywood and thanked the cinema industry for finally embracing women who are older than 40.

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