Which Couple Will Last Longer: Meghan And Harry Or Kate And William? Relationship Expert Knows The Answer

Date April 3, 2018 11:22

With the royal wedding getting closer and closer, it’s hard not to compare the two royal couples. Kate and William and Meghan and Harry are very different people and have very different relationships. Kate and William have grown up together, while Harry and Meghan met in their 30s, both having a baggage of past relationships behind them.


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But which couple is more likely to last the distance and the royal pressure: traditional or modern? Relationship expert Tracey Cox knows the answer.

Kate and William


1. Kate has the needed background and not very ambitious about her career, which makes her the perfect queen as she can devote herself entirely to the crown and her royal obligations.

2. William is strongly committed to his family, but he also respects his royal role.

3. Kate and Will met in college, so they had plenty of time to get to know each other.


What could be a problem

1. Because they met when they were teens, Kate and Will didn’t have time for partying, which can create the feeling of having missed out on youth.

2. Getting together young can also mean that one person can start to grow and change, while other stays the same, which can create a destabilizing feeling.

3. When William becomes the king, he will have to put the crown before his family.

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Meghan and Harry


Why the will last

1. They kept their relationship in secret, which helped them get to know each other without the outside influence of friends, relatives, and other people, who would have liked to voice their opinion.

2. Meghan has been an activist and humanitarian long before she met Harry, so she is capable of standing her ground and being in front of cameras. She will also be happy to carry Diana’s humanitarian work.

3. Harry and Meghan met later in their lives, having experienced a lot. This means they know what they want from a relationship and that they have already been formed as individuals.


What could be a problem

1. Meghan is giving up a lot as she has to say goodbye to her successful acting career, and she might miss her freedom.

2. As Markle has been married before, it shows it is highly unlikely that she will stay in a marriage if it’s not working and that she might be less committed to the institution of marriage.

3. Because they got together later in life, Meghan and Harry are two independent people who haven’t got used to answering to anyone except themselves, which can create difficulties when they need to make shared decisions.

And the winner is…

Neither – and both.


Traditional or modern style of relationships works well for one people and not for the other. Both Meghan and Kate are suited perfectly well with their partners. So, their relationships have equal chances for lasting.


What do you think? Do you agree with Tracey Cox?

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