24-Year-Old Teacher Adopts A 12-Year-Old Boy And His Little Brother

Date February 15, 2018

A 24-year-old teacher adopts her 12-year-old student and his 1.3-year-old brother. Isn’t that amazing? It’s absolutely true because it happened in life of Chelsea Haley from Georgia.

She was teaching in a Louisiana school. There she met Jerome Robinson. He was a student in her class. He was one of the most troubled ones, and Chelsea had lots of troubles dealing with him. However, she thought that methods she used in class did not work.

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So, she decided to change her approach and tried to see a personality in the boy, spent more time with him, and that brought some results.

One night, she had a dream where God told her to adopt the kid. The teacher just laughed at it and didn’t take it seriously. To her astonishment, the next day, Jerome asked to let him live with her in her house. That’s how she became a 24-year-old mother of two boys, Jerome and his little brother Jace. Their birth mother also asked Chelsea to adopt them, and she did.

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Adoption in the USA is becoming more and more popular. Some people adopt kids of different races and nationalities, and this fact poses no barrier for them. If you do love someone, every hurdle is easy to overcome.

Their lives have changed considerably. The family moved to Georgia, where Chelsea works as a teacher now. She has also got some part-time jobs to make ends meet. And before moving to the state, she took her retirement money to use as a down payment on the house for the boys and herself.

Jerome is doing great at school now, and here’s his message to the kids who are in trouble:

To never give up and to keep trying no matter what people say. You always have to believe that you can do anything.

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