$450 Million Of Net Worth: It Doesn’t Prevent Elton John From Raising His Two Sons To Have ‘Working Class’ Values

Date April 4, 2018 13:24

Elton John, one of the most popular singers on the planet, is now in his 70th, and it’s time he can boast about having a loving husband and two kids from a surrogate mother. Together with David Furnish, they’ve been for 12 years when they finally got married in 2005.

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And the fact that both Elton John and his partner have a great income, they don’t believe it’s necessary to give their kids everything they just want. Whims don’t rule in the family, and the parents try to raise their sons, Zachary and Elijah, with working-class values. And the net worth of $450 million isn’t a barrier for such a noble aim.

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Now. being a dad, Elton John admits the kids have changed his life considerably. He’s turned into a person living not only for himself. Now, his world revolves around his kids they are the most precious thing in his life.

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