Anthony Borges, 15, Received Multiple Shots But Saved Over 20 People In Florida Shooting

Date February 20, 2018

After the recent events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, lots of adults, students, lawmakers, and just famous people have been trying to raise the question of gun control law. And while President Donald Trump decides to talk about the problem of mental health issues, ex-president Barack Obama is looking in the direction of gun safety laws. The same opinion is popular among the students who survived the shooter’s attack.

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Among them, there is Anthony Borges, 15, who threw himself in front of other kids and received multiple shots when trying to close the door and lock it. He managed to save about 20 lives, and heroism is something to admire. It’s a long road to recovery before him, but he is stable now. More than $95,000 have been raised for him via GoFundMe page.

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He wasn’t the only hero that day. Some of them we won’t see again, while others will live on to fight for the better future. A 57-year-old librarian, Ms. Haneski, is one of those who saved over 50 lives. When she heard something was going on, she ushered people to the back of the library and closed the doors.

And she was only one of those heroes who tried to save others risking their own lives.

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