Breakthrough: FedEx Hires African-American Woman Pilot For The 1st Time In Their History

Date February 21, 2018

Women-pilots aren’t something people are used to, but times flies and trends are changing. While in the 1960s only 1 in 21,417 women had a pilot certificate, now, there are 5,623 of them who can boast about mastering such a skill. And it was in 1921 that the first African-American woman received an international pilot license. Her name was Bessie Coleman.

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Recently, there’s happened another very important breakthrough in our history. The FedEx company hired the first African-American woman to be one of their pilots. Her name is Tahirah Brown, and the woman has proved everyone she can work hard and perform even better than others.

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Tahirah Brown herself says that it was her dream since high school, and the girl didn’t have any intentions to give it up. She worked her way up despite all kinds of financial troubles. The woman trained hard to become the person she is now and recommends others to do the same.

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