“Can't Get Enough Of My Sunshine”: Enrique Iglesias Shares A Super Cute Video Of His Baby Daughter

Date March 7, 2018

December of 2017 has become a baby boom month in the family of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova as it’s the time their lovely twins were born. The couple called them Nicholas and Lucy, but the news was quite a bombshell for all their fans. The couple kept the pregnancy in secret until the babies were born.

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Enrique as a true father doesn’t even try to hide his feelings for his lovely babies. He has recently posted a video with his baby daughter on Instagram and captioned it:

Can't get enough of my sunshine

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The happy father kept kissing his sunshine even though she didn’t give any signs she liked it. Apparently, the little one was just overwhelmed with the number of sweet kisses she got from her daddy.



The couple that’s been together for 16 years took the news about having kids even too seriously. The thing is they spent about £450k to make their house child-proof before they arrived.

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