Chrissy Metz Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother Reveals What She Thinks Of Her: "Too Much In Love With Herself"

Date April 17, 2018

The news Chrissy Metz is dating the cameraman of ‘This Is Us’ has already been in all kinds of media. The actress called her romance with Josh Stancil ‘organic’. That’s one of that relationship that just clicks, and there’s nothing else to add. Here’s what she said:

It wasn’t like [he] came out of the woodwork just because I’m on the show. It was just organic, and I’m grateful for that.



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And her weight has never been an issue:

It’s one of those things where if you’re secure and you’re happy mostly, you find really wonderful people who come into your life.

However, the couple split on March 30, 2018. The actress made it clear during one of the episodes of The Wendy Williams Show. She also added they remained friends, and there won’t be any awkward situations, as he moved to another show.


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After the split, Stancil's mother, Gina Stancil, has given an interview to Life & Style. She tried to defend her son and commented on the break-up like this:

From what I’ve seen. Chrissy is too much in love with herself to have room for anyone else. She is dating herself.

Who would have thought the relationship Chrissy once called ‘healthy’ would end up like this? So, let’s wish both of them best of luck in finding true love they deserve!

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