Corey Feldman Was Stabbed In His Car And Says It Was An 'Attempted Murder'. The Police Have A Different Version

Date March 30, 2018

Corey Feldman received his world-fame owing to his starring in such films as The Lost Boys, The Goonies, and Stand by Me. Back then, he was a teenager and got an image of a former child actor. What’s more, he claims that he was a victim of abuse among a whole ring of people.



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This day, another horrible accident happened to Feldman. The actor himself tweeted he had been stabbed when sitting in his car. Three men approached it, opened his door, stabbed him, and left the crime scene. Now, the actor is in the hospital, and it’s assumed he was stabbed in the area of his stomach.


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However, according to the police, the story was a bit different. They say it wasn’t an attempted homicide. They are investigating the case, and no arrest has been made yet. The police say:

Upon the investigation [it was] determined there were no lacerations to his abdomen.

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