Devastated Melania Breaks Protocol And Travels Alone After Karen McDougal Gives Her Interview

Date March 26, 2018 15:09

Recently, a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, has revealed to CNN about her intimate relationship with Donald Trump that lasted about 10 months. In addition to such a news, Summer Zervos, in her turn, has decided to sue the president for defamation. She says he groped her in 2007.


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With all the shocking news bombarding from all sides, Melania Trump continues to keep silent. However, her silence is quite loud and speaks for itself. Just the only fact First Lady has broken the protocol and traveled alone without her husband to Andrews Air Force Base. It was right after the interview Karen McDougal gave on Anderson Cooper 360 about her affair with president Trump.



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Melania’s deeds speak louder than her words, and it’s not the first time she goes against the rules. Right after the interview of Stormy Daniels has been aired on CBS, President Trump was made to return to the White House alone without his wife who stayed in Florida.