“Guys, It’s Happening,” Clint And Kelly Harp Can’t Wait To Announce Their Comeback With Own Show


Now, Clint And Kelly Harp have become even more popular. People are getting interested in the details of their life together. For example, they met each other back in the 90s at the university. Before being discovered by Chip and Joanna, Clint is said to have been broke.

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And now, after having been withdrawn from the “Fixer Upper”, the family of Harp is starting their new project. It’ll be called “Wood Work”, and its premiere will take place on May 9, the DIY network. The TV show will be centered around them making all kinds of wooden furniture and home accessories. And it won’t be anywhere but their near and dear Harp Design Co. shop in Waco, Texas. Here’s how they announced the news in their video on Instagram:

Guys, it’s happening, I’m telling you, I cannot wait.

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All their fans, when heard the news, got extremely excited! There was a whole shower of positive and encouraging tweets! So, let’s just wish good luck to the family with their new project!

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