Dress With Mesh Cut-Outs: The Reason A Teen Was Banned From Going To The Prom At Christian School

Date March 23, 2018

Josie Reason is 16, and it’s a perfect time for going to proms. That’s what she planned to do when she received an invitation from her friend and co-worker, Christian. It was really a nice invitation made with the help of a pizza delivery and a message saying: “I know this is cheesy but prom?”

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Josie agreed and started looking for a perfect dress that would be fine for such an occasion. What is more, she knew it was a Christian school, and the dress should have been an appropriate one. She asked her mom for help. Together, after lots of dresses were rejected, they found a perfect one with mesh cut-outs. Josie sent the photos of the dress to Christian’s mom and received her approval.

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When the couple came to the event, Josie simply wasn’t allowed to enter the building as the teachers claimed her dress was “see-through”. The poor girl called her mom almost crying, and her only option was to wear Christian’s jacket all night. One can only imagine the disappointment of the poor girl.

Anyways, that's a great lesson both for the girl and her parents. It will teach her to choose her dresses more carefully. What it more, everyone should know every event has its own dress code and what is appropriate for a beach party might be a little too much for a prom at a Christian school.

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