Drew Barrymore’s Rough Response To A Body-Shamer

Date March 23, 2018

So what that Drew Barrymore doesn’t have a perfect bikini body? She doesn’t care about it at all! The actress says she used to have some insecurities about how she looks in a swimsuit, but they vanished. Now, she has a lot of more important things to care about, such as two of her kids, Olive and Frankie, as well as her husband, Will Kopelman.



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And when the actress was asked whether she is pregnant, her reaction was quite extraordinary. The thing is she’s gained some weight that just doesn’t matter for her, and she likes her body the way it is. That’s the reason why Drew responded to the woman in a but harsh way. She said:

No, I’m just fat right now.

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That’s not the first time the actress answers to the comments of various trolls. This time, she posted a few words on Instagram. It’s key message was – haters gonna hate. She urged such haters not say anything if they are going to say something negative.

Drew Barrymore