Duncan Jones, The Son Of David Bowie, Compares Listening To His Dad’s Music To ‘Watching Your Dad Do Accounting’

Date March 5, 2018 17:52

It’s one of the most touching congratulations of a son on his father’s birthday. The son of David Bowie, Duncan Jones, posted on Twitter a touching birthday card. It was made for his dad way before he died. Back then, he was expecting his first child.


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However, the son grew up drastically different from his father. And after having changed his name from Zowie Bowie when he was 12, he admits he doesn’t like his father’s music. Here’s what he says:

I never really got into music,’ Jones said. ‘It’s like work ... I listen to a lot of CNN and watch a lot of news.

What is more, Jones compares it to ‘watching your dad do accounting’.



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David Jones is one of those self-made people who never needed their parent’s name to achieve something. He made his way to becoming a top movie director himself. The life with his dad was full of resistance, and the fact he went into movie directing not music proves that.

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