Gary Oldman Pays A Touching Tribute To His Mom After Winning The Best Actor Award

Date March 7, 2018

It has been a great night for Gary Oldman at the 90th Oscars! The strong favorite in the category, widely praised for his outstanding performance as Churchill in Darkest Hour, has won the Best Actor for this movie. This is the first Academy Award in the actor’s career that spans more than 3 decades!

© Darkest Hour (2017) / Focus Features

For his role, Oldman had to undergo a 5-hour transformation every day. And the makeup was so good, it really felt like being the prime minister. As he says:

You could stand an inch from me and you couldn’t tell I was wearing any.

© Darkest Hour (2017) / Focus Features

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Delivering a speech

After taking to the stage, the star delivered one of the most heartwarming speeches. In it, he thanked the Academy for the prize, expressed how grateful he was for all the friendships he made in America, and ended with a touching tribute to his mother.

Put the kettle on, I’m bringing Oscar home.


Oldman noted that his mom is older than the ceremony as she turns 99 years next birthday. And seeing her son winning the award was something she has always dreamed about.


Talking to presenters on the red carpet, the actor noted that it was his mom’s love and support that made this win possible. When he told her he wanted to become an actor, she accepted his decision, granting him to pursue his dreams.


We hope the two had a good time celebrating the award over the cup of tea in the morning!

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