“I’ll Never Be Able To Repay You”: Alec Baldwin Sends A Touching Video Message To His Wife On Valentine's Day

Date February 15, 2018

The cutest thing about the relationship of Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin is that she didn’t quite recognize a celebrity in him, and it even made their love story more successful.

Hilaria, a 28-year-old yoga instructor, met Alec Baldwin right when she was open to a new relationship and new love. Her girlfriends saw him looking at her, and at that moment, the magic happened. Soon, Alec proposed to his girlfriend, but she already knew what was going to happen as he had spilled the beans. Nevertheless, it didn’t make the proposal less touching and romantic.

Alec is quite traditional when it comes to love, but it didn’t prevent him from posting the most touching tribute to his wife on Instagram. He posted the video on Valentine's Day. There, he proclaimed his love to the most precious thing he has in his life – his beloved wife. Just watch it for yourself. The tears of joy on the man’s face will make you cry as well.

There’s nothing to wonder why the actor is so grateful to his wife. She’s been with him through a lot. She’s given him 3 kids, and they are waiting for the 4th one. What is more, Hilaria helped him when he had had his replacement surgery and was walking on a crutch. Such love and attitude are worth a lot. Agree?

Let’s wish the happy family all the best!