Kate Hudson Owes Her Mother Goldie Hawn For Teaching Her To Be A Strong Woman She Is Now

Date March 28, 2018

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are one of those mother-daughter couples who has managed not only to have a great relationship but also to be great friends. Together, they have overcome terrible odds, including their father, Hawn’s ex-husband, leaving them. And despite all that, the mother has always been supportive of her daughter.


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Even the news about Kate’s first sex at 15 didn’t make Goldie yell at her. Instead, the mother was the one who taught her kid fight harassment in Hollywood at the beginning of Kate’s career as an actress. The experienced actress helped her daughter stand for herself no matter what. And now, Kate says she’s grateful to her mom for making her a strong woman.



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The 72-year-old actress admits she’s learned a lot from her daughter as well as vice versa. And that’s mostly because they know how to listen. Goldie says:

We learn a lot from each other. We just listen. The problem is that as parents, we think we're supposed to know everything. But if you listen to your child, they will tell you things and every child is different.
Kate Hudson