Kate Middleton Will Raise Her Royal Babies In A Different Way After Getting Knowledge From Her Work In Mental Health Area

Date March 5, 2018

The issue of mental health has been recently discussed by not only those who work in the field but also by the members of the royal family. And this fact has managed to bring the issue to a new level. It’s a problem that no one should neglect, and Prince Harry is a vivid example. He’s confessed that ignoring emotional distress for years was hard, and only professional counseling helped him cope with the problem. And together with Prince William, they work for the Heads Together campaign that seeks support for mental health issues.

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Kate Middleton hasn’t been indifferent to the problem as well. Owing to her participation in the work on mental health, she admits that her approach to the upbringing of her own kids will be altered to some extent. Kate, whose third baby is due in April, has admitted:

You can't help but reflect on your own life and it's definitely had an impact on how sort of I look at how I mother, how we work as a family and you know, how we hope to bring up our children.




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In fact, the parenting style of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge differs slightly from the traditional royal one. They try to raise their kids as any parents of the middle class do. Prince George often visits playdates and communicates with the kids of his age.

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