Lonely Kathie Lee Gifford Is In The Market Again. Her Heart Is Open After The Loss Of Her Husband

Date March 16, 2018

The life of Kathie Lee Gifford hasn’t been easy, but it got even tougher after the death of her beloved husband. Back then, she had her mother by her side. But in 2007, she passed away as well, and Kathie Lee Gifford was left all alone just with two kids.


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She’s shared in the media it was hard to cope with the loneliness. Finally, she’s made up her mind and voiced the news her heart was opened for a new love. It’s a great achievement, especially after losing a dear and near person.



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The husband she loved has died at the age of 87 in 2015. First, the media didn’t know about the possible reasons for his death, but later, the family revealed it might be connected with the condition he had.


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