“Many Young Mothers Are Not Even Aware Of This Disease,” Melania Trump Voices Her Concern About Those Battling Opioid Crisis

Date March 20, 2018

President Trump is well-known for his loud and very radical ideas on everything. This time, he spoke about drug dealers. Actually, the president voiced his concern about the problem and suggested a working solution. To his mind, it’s necessary to introduce the death penalty for drug traffickers.


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Melania Trump has recently appeared in public with another very important message. She voiced her concern about women battling opioid crisis. She also stressed the importance of paying more attention to so little-discussed problems that make the lives of young mothers even more difficult.

Many young mothers are not even aware of this disease, so we must continue educating them about the real dangers of opioids on unborn babies.



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And no matter the couple rarely demonstrates their affection for one another, they support their ideas and policies. In addition to that, they’ve recently shown a great example of support when Melania tripped, and Donald caught her and prevented her from falling.


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