May The Force Be With Him: Mark Hamill’s Time For His Own Star On The Walk Of Fame Has Finally Come!

Date February 28, 2018 15:12

People and all the fans of Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Mark Hamill haven’t even dreamt of seeing their favorite actor in the new Guardians of the Galaxy. However, it might become real, owing to one fan of the actor on Twitter. He was chatting there with the director of the movie James Gunn and suggested inviting Hamill. James Gunn picked up the idea, and Hamill commented on it as “Sure bro.” So let’s hope to see the actor in another super cool movie!


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What is more, Mark Hamill finally received a reward lots of Hollywood stars dream about. Now, he can boast about his own star on the Walk of Fame. The official event of presenting the star will happen on the 8th of March. It will be the 2,630th star on the Walk of Fame. Of course, it could have been done sooner, judging by the popularity of the beloved Skywalker.

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That’s practically the opinion of the numerous fans of the actor. All of them are unanimously happy about the fact their icon will get his own star on the walkaway. He definitely deserves it!

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