Orville Rogers Is 100 Years Old, And It Didn’t Prevent Him From Setting 5 New US And World Track Records

Date March 22, 2018 11:40

Retired commercial pilot turned runner seems to be a great combination, but when people hear he took up running being 50 and now he is 100 years old, they just wow. Meet Orville Rogers who was born in Texas and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma.

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This man seems not to notice his age and runs whenever and wherever he can. He has run to the point that now, Orville is a proud runner with 5 new US and world track records set. 60-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 800-meter, and 1,500-meter – those are the events he has recently set his records in.

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The man has been through a lot and had a difficult life. His wife died 10 years ago, but the man hasn’t quit looking on the bright side. He recommends people to do more sports and exercises as they are proven to improve the quality of life. Orville says:

But you must face the challenges that are before you and overcome them. I determined to keep plowing ahead. The objective in my life is to slow down as slowly as possible.

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