Paul Burrell, The Loyal Butler: Did He Help Princess Diana To Have ‘Her Little Victory’ In The End

Date April 3, 2018

There are a lot of photos on the internet with Princess Diana wearing the same yellow brooch. It appeared that this jewelry item was near and dear to her heart. It symbolized her Her Royal Highness status.

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However, after the divorce with Prince Charles in 1996, the brooch was taken away from her. It was a big disappointment for the woman who was always trying to help the whole world and be better for people who loved her. At the very end, after the crash, her loyal butler achieved the impossible. At least Paul’s campmate Lisa Oldfield claims so. She says Paul pinned the brooch on Princess Diana right before the funeral. Here are her worlds:

'Indeed, he didn't tell it to me, only saying that "I made sure she was buried an HRH" - I put two and two together and figured out what he had done and when I asked him, he was relieved that he could finally share his story.





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Anyway, it might be true judging by the fact Diana and Paul were very close, and it was Paul she called in the hardest moments of her life.

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