Penny Lancaster Shares The Photo Of Her Husband Rod Stewart And All His 4 Sons Aged From 7 To 37 Together

Date April 10, 2018

Rod Stewart, 71, is a famous rock star and at the same time a father of 8 children from various relationship. Now, he’s married to Penny Lancaster who, according to him, brings all the family altogether. Rod says he’s never cherished his life and kids so much.

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If you have such a family, it’s not easy to have everyone in the same place at the same time. But Rod has managed to gather the family and took a fascinating photo with all his sons aged from 7 to 37. The wife of the rock star shared the memory on Instagram and captioned it:

Boys all together ???? #brotherhood

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And as it is in all large families, Rod likes keeping discipline. It means that everything his kids do, be it a positive or negative thing, gets repaid. He even locks their X-box room if they misbehave.

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