President Trump Says ‘No’ To Strict Gun Control Laws And ‘Yes’ To Armed Teachers

Date February 23, 2018

After the shooting in one of the schools in Florida, there’s been a lot of talks on the subject how to prevent such things from happening once again. Different sides offered their views and solutions. The president of the USA, in his turn, has tried to offer a solution. He spoke about new regulations aimed at banning bump stocks. He also spoke about strengthening background checks for guns.

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In addition to that, President Trump voiced the idea about arming teachers to let them be ready to strike an offender and shield students from danger. However, such an idea didn’t receive lots of support from the public. Instead, Broward County Sheriff, Steve Israel, who was invited to a CNN town hall, commented on the president’s idea. He was among those who opposed to it saying:

I don't believe teachers should be armed. I believe teachers should teach.


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Donald Trump had a meeting with those affected by the recent tragedies that happened in the schools of the USA. There were both teachers, parents, and students. Everyone was trying to discuss the subject and arrive at a solution to avoid sure such horrible things happening again.