Prince Charles Visits A ‘Remarkable’ Hospice And Gives His Time And Attention To The Kids With Life-Limiting Illnesses

Date February 26, 2018

It’s not something rare for the royal family to appear at various events together. But when it comes to campaigns, no one is used to see more than one representative of the royal family there. This time, the rules were broken because the International Sustainability Unit’s meeting about the reefs was attended both by Prince Charles and his son, Prince Harry. The father was giving a speech on the importance of saving coral reefs, while the son agreed with his every word.

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Recently, Prince of Wales has visited a children’s hospice where he had a chance to talk to children with life-limiting illnesses and their parents. They were amazed by the attention Prince Charles gave them. He walked around, smiled, and even joked with some of the kids there. Ms. Davies, one of those who were present there, said: 

It was just surreal, what a lovely man.

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All in all, Prince Charles is used to visiting all kinds of hospitals. He visited a celebration for Morriston Hospital League of Friends. It’s was its 75th anniversary, and it was given the royal seal of approval. The Prince of Wales met the team, the patients of the hospital, and even stopped to chat with some of them.

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