So, What Meghan Markle Will Actually Do When She Finally Joins The Royal Family?

Date March 29, 2018

It’s a big question what title Meghan Markle will have when she finally becomes Prince Harry’s wife. As a matter of fact, it depends whether Prince Harry will be granted the title of the Duke of Sussex on the day of his marriage. Then, Meghan will become the Duchess of Sussex.



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So, what else should Meghan expect after she joins the royal family? Her life won’t ever be the same, as with the new title, she’ll acquire a bunch of responsibilities. They will include attending various charitable events and engagements. Also, she will represent the monarchy abroad.


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The royal family thinks Meghan needs some help, and Kate Middleton is one of those who knows how the duchess-to-be might feel. So, both Kate and William are doing their best to help Meghan learn the ropes. Kate tries to give her some pieces of advice on royal etiquette, protocol, and even fashion.

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