Sophia Loren About Her Love, Marriage, And Life: “You Still Wonder If Whatever You Did In Your Life Is The Right Thing”

Date March 14, 2018

She was only 22 when the life brought her a chance to get acquainted with Cary Grant. It was one of the most nervous moments in her life. Young but talented Sophia waited in anticipation and butterflies in her stomach until the famous actor arrived.

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At that moment, she thought she couldn’t stand that guy. Back then, she had already been in a relationship with an Italian film producer Carlo Ponti, who was 22 years older than she was.


Young Sophia didn’t know that unpleasant guy would beg to marry her sometime in the future. Life made her reject his proposal, but he never stopped loving her. Lots of other men were trying to captivate her, and Marlon Brando was one of them. Loren remembers the moment when he tried to put his hands on her:

All of a sudden he put his hands on me. Don’t you ever dare do that again! Never again!

© To Catch a Thief (1955) / Paramount Pictures

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Now, the famous actress is 83, and she still knows she is gorgeous and doesn’t regret anything. In fact, she’s glad she had such a wonderful life.


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